казино без зеро

You would be really surprised if I would tell you that a casino, offering 0% house can actually be profitable.

But bare with me here and find everything out yourself.

The biggest problem that online casinos are facing these days is attracting new players to their website.

Everything else is just a minor details, as if you have good traffic, you make more money and then you can pretty much afford the best web developer, designer, lawyer, etc.

And to make things even more complicated — casinos have a big stigma around them.

This leads to the restricted access to marketing tools such as facebook and google ads, instagram, TV, majority of media portals and so on.

A lot of countries even banned any type of marketing materials related to gambling industry as well.

In other words, it is extremely hard to bring traffic into the online casino as the marketing options are really limited.

But on the other hand, online casino is one of the top profitable businesses.

Edgeless — the first online Ethereum based casino found a way how to attract new clients without spending millions on marketing — 0% house edge.

At this point, there is no blockchain based online casino that is offering the same thing.

And for anyone who is at least a little bit familiar with a gambling world, knows that this means the game is more fair for everyone.